Autumn Conference 2022

Event Details

Date: 11th October 2022

Duration: 09:00 15:00

Location: Virtual Event

The Autumn 2022 Conference is an online event featuring talks and presentations on factors that will determine monetary policy in the US, eurozone and UK in the months ahead and how interest rate changes will impact asset prices.

The event looks in detail at the underlying drivers of inflation including energy prices and supply chain and labour market constraints, and examines how these are likely to develop in the current cyle. The event will also examine the impact of QE and the money supply on inflation and the likely direction of monetary policy going forward.

This virtual event provides online accessibility from anywhere followed by three month on-demand access.

Who should attend: Investment managers, institutional investors, economists and analysts.


  • Inflation impacts: food prices, labour market, supply chains, energy and Brexit
  • Stagflation: likely or overdone?
  • How much do inflation expectations matter?
  • Wage-price spirals
  • The end of QE: what about the money supply?
  • Is the Taylor Rule back?
  • Eurozone and fragmentation
  • Interest rate outlooks: US, eurozone and UK