Climate Reporting for Listed Companies

Climate Reporting for Listed Companies is an online training course for publicly listed corporations seeking to learn how to develop an effective corporate climate reporting strategy. Participants will learn the best practices for communicating corporate climate policy and climate-related financial information to investors, shareholders, analysts and the media, including what climate science and reporting means for companies and investors. The course provides a user-centric framework for engagement strategies and climate-related disclosure, enabling participants to make deeper connections between climate data, transition plans, and climate scenarios.

Foundations of climate science and climate reporting

  • Introduction: Why we care, and the scientific bases
  • Climate indicators and metrics
  • Overview of ESG standards and regulations
  • Offsets: What are they?
  • Outcome: Transitions and net zero

Engagement strategies on transition plans

  • Stewardship and engagement as value creation
  • Evaluating sectoral transition pathways
  • Evaluating transition plans
  • Collaborating for net zero transition plans: roles and capabilities
  • Overview of investor coalitions and sectoral initiatives

Users and user cases of climate data

  • ESG/Climate due diligence
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • For Valuation
  • Audit / Assurance / Verification
  • Sustainable investing and lending

Reporting transition plans and climate scenarios

  • Users and user cases of climate scenarios and transition plans
  • Reporting transition plans
  • Reporting climate scenarios
  • Financial impacts and effects
  • Conclusion: Linking reporting, verification, and engagement